Encyclopaedia of Life (Smithsonian Remix)

Just finished a new remix for a Smithsonian Institution remix contest. The Smithsonian is the world’s largest museum and research complex, consisting of 19 museums and galleries, the National Zoological Park, and nine research facilities. The premise of the remix contest was to “sample, chop and remix selected recordings from their entire collection of sounds”. Here it is:

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Positive Flow – Do What I Do feat. Omar (Ishfaq remix)

Just uploaded a new remix of Positive Flow’s “Do what I do” featuring the amazing Omar on vocals. Always loved his voice, so was a pleasure getting to work with it. It’s also the first tune I’ve done with Maschine since getting it a couple weeks back. Have to say, it’s a great piece of kit, and the fact you can run it inside Cubase/Ableton as a plugin is the icing on the cake.

VIDEO: Panoptik – Sve Vibrira (Ishfaq Remix)

So, after quite a lot of work, and hours and hours of rendering, I’ve finally finished my first music video, for a remix I did for a Croatian rapper. I’ve been wanting to try a video for a while now but as most stuff I do is collaborating online, I never get the chance to film anyone. As Ivan is based in Zagreb, I grabbed him passing through Split so we could film the head shots – the background stuff is from a Nat Geo documentary (sssshhhhh, don’t tell them). And the spacesuit is a stock image I bought from a Russian museum. So all in all, the video cost a whopping $10! How’s that for a blockbuster.

Further Away – Maddslinky ft Tawiah (Ishfaq Remix)

Just uploaded a new bootleg remix of the Zed Bias tune “Further Away” featuring Tawiah on vocals. Absolutely love the version Kahn did, one of my favourite remixes ever. And love the vocal – even acapella it fills the room – so wanted to have a go with it myself. Kept it simple to let the vocal shine.

Vindahl – Head Over Heels (Ishfaq Remix)

February 2012:

Just submitted a last minute entry for the Tokyo Dawn “Vindahl – Head Over Heels” remix competition. If you don’t know the original, check it out too, it’s great.

[soundcloud id=’38607851′ artwork=’false’]

New Site Launched

February 2012:

After having the same website design for the last few years, I felt it was time for a change. The old one was quite “experimental”, but not so user-friendly, both for visitors and for myself to maintain. So, I’ve decided to go with WordPress this time round – should make it a little easier to keep things up to date. I’m also planning on blogging here a little, posting up videos of me working on some new stuff – hopefully that’ll include some snippets of the new live show I’m currently working on. It’ll be a mix of electronics and live playing, with a good dose of live sampling/looping.

I’ve also been working a lot on my DJ sets, so I’m planning on posting up some regular mixes too, when time permits. So, stay tuned 🙂

Djecaci – Dalmacija (video)

August 2011:

The Croatian hip hop group I occasionally play with just released a new video for the track “Dalmacija”, off their latest album, which features yours truly on bass.

Check it out: