The Change e.p. – out now

July 2007:

Change EPMy new super fresh as a daisy 12″ is coming out the end of this month on Scribble Records called The Change EP. Featuring Sweden’s Kissey Asplund, New Zealand’s Adi Dick, and the UK’s Chef, plus a few other guests helping out.

Digital downloads and Vinyl available at Kudos Records.

What people are saying so far:

“Hot, Hot, Hot ! Kissey sounds amazin’ on Call the Boss…great track, top groove…Acuzion is all about the programming…heavy (in a very nice way), Gilles will be all over this ! Change is soooo nice. What a voice, really works with the track and the lyrics are great. Clap that is prob my fave out the bunch…lovin the low slung jazz vibes on this. Strong package and one that certainly deserves to do well…” Ste Hodge – Sick Trumpet

“Brilliant work. Dig Clap That – the Rhodes, the rap, the trumpet!! Title track Change also an incredibly, soulful number. Tinges of Fat Freddys Drop coming through here. This will most definently find it’s way into my box for those oozy moments on the dancefloor.” – Blair Stafford – Straight Up

“Liking the tunes…good stuff, playlisting Change on my show this week and I’m sure the others will get some spinnage in next few weeks too…” – Paddy Freeform – Universal Vibes

The Change EP by Ishfaq