VIDEO: Panoptik – Sve Vibrira (Ishfaq Remix)

So, after quite a lot of work, and hours and hours of rendering, I’ve finally finished my first music video, for a remix I did for a Croatian rapper. I’ve been wanting to try a video for a while now but as most stuff I do is collaborating online, I never get the chance to film anyone. As Ivan is based in Zagreb, I grabbed him passing through Split so we could film the head shots – the background stuff is from a Nat Geo documentary (sssshhhhh, don’t tell them). And the spacesuit is a stock image I bought from a Russian museum. So all in all, the video cost a whopping $10! How’s that for a blockbuster.

Further Away – Maddslinky ft Tawiah (Ishfaq Remix)

Just uploaded a new bootleg remix of the Zed Bias tune “Further Away” featuring Tawiah on vocals. Absolutely love the version Kahn did, one of my favourite remixes ever. And love the vocal – even acapella it fills the room – so wanted to have a go with it myself. Kept it simple to let the vocal shine.

Vindahl – Head Over Heels (Ishfaq Remix)

February 2012:

Just submitted a last minute entry for the Tokyo Dawn “Vindahl – Head Over Heels” remix competition. If you don’t know the original, check it out too, it’s great.

[soundcloud id=’38607851′ artwork=’false’]

New Site Launched

February 2012:

After having the same website design for the last few years, I felt it was time for a change. The old one was quite “experimental”, but not so user-friendly, both for visitors and for myself to maintain. So, I’ve decided to go with WordPress this time round – should make it a little easier to keep things up to date. I’m also planning on blogging here a little, posting up videos of me working on some new stuff – hopefully that’ll include some snippets of the new live show I’m currently working on. It’ll be a mix of electronics and live playing, with a good dose of live sampling/looping.

I’ve also been working a lot on my DJ sets, so I’m planning on posting up some regular mixes too, when time permits. So, stay tuned 🙂

Djecaci – Dalmacija (video)

August 2011:

The Croatian hip hop group I occasionally play with just released a new video for the track “Dalmacija”, off their latest album, which features yours truly on bass.

Check it out:

Interview for Liberation Frequency

April 2010:

I was recently interviewed by Imran Mirza for the Liberation Frequency online magazine:

Have you heard Ishfaq’s remix of Jazzanova’s ‘I Can See’?

I can’t think how many times I’ve said that over the past few weeks. I stumbled upon it myself via a mixtape which it totally stole the show on, and was blown away by the incredible new arrangement. there aren’t many that can claim to do justice to reworking a Jazzanova record, but my friends – Ishfaq is one of them.

Read the rest here –

And here’s the remix he’s referring to: